42nd Street National Tour 15′-16′


“A number of supporting players stand out, including Lamont Brown (a fleet, bantam-weight master tapper who could easily play Sammy Davis, Jr.)”
-Hedy Weiss, Chicago Suntimes

“Lamont Brown heads up the chorus with a pair of flashing feet.”
-Tom Titus, Los Angeles Time

“Lamont Brown as Andy Lee, “Pretty Lady’s” choreographer and dance director who also had the talent to be a marquee star.”
-Holly Quinn, Delaware Online

“Lamont Brown was a standout as choreographer Andy Lee”
-Nancy Sasso Janis, Onstage

“Lamont Brown proves himself a master dancer as show-within-a-show choreographer Andy Lee”
-Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

“Lamont Brown is an exceptionally gifted dancer who brings a nice spark to the part of Andy”
-Gil Benbrook, Talkin’ Broadway

“Lamont Brown (Andy Lee) showed great promise in his astounding skill in tap dancing”
-Omar Sandakly, The Hanover Theatre

“..the feet were dancing from the start with the rousing opening number “Audition” featuring the nimble Lamont Brown as Andy Lee in his National Tour debut.”
-Jimmy Christopher, CBS DFW